Coding for kids

There are many coding platforms for kids. Some are using block based coding while others are going directly for text based coding. I’m a strong proponent of text based coding even for young kids - since this is the real coding.

As for the best coding language for kids, the world is usually split between Python and JavaScript.


I want to introduce you a new coding platform for kids based on JavaScript:

The platform is versatile and allow development of a wide range of programs such as graphical programs or even games! As a matter of fact building games is very easy with since the platform comes with built-in assets such as animated sprites, backgrounds, music and sound effects.

Behind the scenes

The runtime of is powered by a few nice open source libraries very appreciated in education: p5.js,, p5.SceneManager and TurtleGFX.

Adults can have fun too

Due to the platform capabilities, adults can also use it for recreational coding. The website even includes example programs that are appealing to adults and software professionals.

For more information you can check these links on About, FAQ, Tutorials

02 Jul 2020