Expose kids to coding during Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day

Every year, millions of workplaces, children and parents will participate in the “Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day”. It is a great opportunity for students to see how their classroom lessons apply to the workplace.

If you are working in a software company, is a great opportunity to expose kids to coding during this event. A hands-on coding activity will offer them the best appreciation for their parent’s job.

Therefore, besides the regular office tour and pizza, try to organize also an Hour of Code session. There are many programming languages that you can show to the kids including Python and / or JavaScript. Of course, you need to use a kid friendly environment such as CodeGuppy or any other web based environment which lets kids taste coding in a fun way without complex installs. Ask one developer from your organization to organize this session and introduce the kids to coding.

Please don’t forget to share your experiences on this topic!


15 Feb 2019