Real programmers don’t use JavaScript (or the paradox of JavaScript programmers)

Do you remember the old quote: “Real programmers don’t use Pascal”… Before starting to reflect on it, I’ll give you a new one: “Real programmers don’t use JavaScript”! This is the paradox of JavaScript programmers.

JavaScript in 2017

JavaScript language is nowadays one of the most popular languages.

It basically drives the Web 2.0, HTML5 and Node.JS revolutions being used in some very complex client-side as well as server-side projects.

Over the last few years, JavaScript become the common denominator in desktop - web - mobile development.

JavaScript programmers

With such big demand and expectations, you would think that only the best programmers operate in the JavaScript arena. The bitter truth is that the majority of JavaScript programmers on the market have skills not far away than those of a high school kid that created his own website. Test this for yourself. Next time when you want to hire a JavaScript developer to write a framework ask him a foundamental computer science question. You can start with recursion

Of course all things are relative. If your project just makes use of existing JavaScript frameworks or you need JavaScript just to do cute animation on a web page, you probably don’t need a programmer with a computer science background.

But what if you want to build a framework? Don’t you need one that know the basic patterns and algorithms?

Real programmers

How come that you can easily find good programmers if you are looking for Java / C# / C++ developers… but you hardly find them if you are looking for JavaScript developers?

Is JavaScript language just for new comers? Maybe those bootcamps that prepare JavaScript developers should offer also a base computer science course. Of course - all the admiration goes to self though programmers. No complaint here!

In conclusion, if you intend to hire someone to build you a JavaScript framework, you may have more success to look for Java / C# developers. They’ll be able to pick up JavaScript in no time and as a bonus you may be able to get developers with a solid computer science background.

15 May 2017