JavaScript parsers and code generators

If you need to do automatic processing on a huge JavaScript code base (e.g. find and replace variable, method renaming, etc.) or if you have a legacy code base that you plan to migrate to JavaScript, then the following JavaScript code parsers and generators may come handy.

These tools break the traditional compiler architecture into granular pieces and expose the inner components to developers willing to use them.

JavaScript parsers (also available as port to .net: (a fork of Esprima) (produces Shift format AST.)

JavaScript code generators (generates code from AST of Esprima and / or Acorn) (generates code from Shift-AST)

JavaScript code minifiers (see slideshow presentation)

JavaScript code analyzers (based on espree)

Others (ECMAScript scope analyzer extracted from esmangle project) (ECMAScript refactoring) (JS Beautifier)

Editors (JavaScript editor)

02 Mar 2017