“WebWord Editor” article gets published by NET Report Romania magazine

NET Report published my second article in the Internet Explorer series. This article is named “WebWord Editor” and follows the one published in April 2001 named “Internet Explorer Technologies”.

So you probably ask yourself: what is WebWord editor? Well.. webword editor is a fully functional rich-editor for web. Is like having Microsoft word embedded in a web page.

You can create rich text documents with embedded images right in your browser. According to my research, this is the only HTML editor of this kind that also support embedded images. All the other HTML editors that I researched didn’t support embedding images… therefore I had to create my own.

An HTML document with embedded images is a composite, multi-part document. WebWord editor transparently takes care of uploading / downloading the document to the server backend.

This article is the result of the research behind the web-based PowerTests.NET application.

18 May 2001